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Yoshita & Mohit

Yoshia and Mohit had a beautiful, luxurious Orange County Wedding at Hotel Irvine in Southern California.

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This South Asian wedding was very beautiful, not just because of the bride and groom, but because of the love and joy that radiated from their family and friends. While getting ready to walk down the aisle, Yoshita’s mother presented her daughter with a very special “something old.” She gave Yoshita the anklet that she had worn on her own wedding day in a very sweet, and sentimental moment.

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Throughout the wedding reception, Yoshita's dad was consistently the funniest, craziest and happiest dancer on the dance floor. Yoshita loves to dance, and it’s clear that love was passed down by the father of the bride. Also during the wedding reception, the wedding party performed a skit for the newlyweds. It was a humorous, consolidated depiction of Yoshia and Mohit’s love story, from how they met to their wedding day. Our favorite part of the show was how clearly the love that the bridesmaids and groomsmen have for the couple shined through.

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Watching Yoshita and Mohit interact was also very special. Yoshita is very outgoing while Mohit is much more shy, yet her doting groom was always putting himself out there on the dance floor to make his new wife happy. You also know they are a special couple, because their wedding got its very own hashtag! We are #YOMO all the way, and are sure you will be too after looking at their amazing wedding pictures here!

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