Nilam & Jay

Nilam and Jay are not residents of Orange County or LA, so we were excited to travel in order to do their engagement photoshoot in their home state of Arizona. We landed in Phoenix and drove two hours to Sedona, the city where Jay proposed!

Red Rock State Park has so much to offer. The beautiful scenery allowed us to capture them within multiple aspects of nature. Jay even borrowed a jeep which easily maneuvered us up into the mountains and even off-road, letting us explore the beaten path that normally wouldn’t be accessible. This made Nilam and Jay’s engagement photos both private and unique.

Nilam and Jay both have wonderful personalities and were fun to work with. They articulated the vision they had for their images, making the relationship between the couple and photographer one of true collaboration.

We had a terrific time taking Nilam and Jay’s engagement photos and are excited to share them with you in this gallery!

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