Somya & Ivneet

When we met Somya & Ivneet we immediately fell in love with their story, a tale we were anxious to tell through our lenses. The two met at UCLA in an undergraduate math class; Somya loves to remind Ivneet that she scored a better grade than he did! In addition to scholastic competition, Somya and Ivneet’s rivalries spread to their extracurriculars. Both are avid basketball fans, yet root for different teams; however, the couple’s love for each other is much stronger than any rivalry, and their relationship is filled with happiness and laughter.

When it came to the couple’s engagement shoot, we decided on locations that are not only beautiful, but also hold special meaning to them. We traveled to Laguna Beach, Downtown LA, and of course, UCLA! We tried our best to capture their amusing personalities through our photographs.

Not only were we lucky enough to shoot their engagement, but the couple also arranged a luxurious destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico! While we can’t wait to show you all of the excitement from Cancun, it is important for us to share how their love began and developed.

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